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Take an in-depth look at animals all over the world, including information about their habitats, dietary habits, scientific classification and more.

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Learn more about animals including scientific information, habitat, diet and more.
Wild Tiger Shark

Sharks and Rays

Meet some of the ocean's most fascinating predators in this detailed Animal InfoBook.



Meet the penguins — charismatic birds impeccably adapted for life at sea.


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Take a closer look including information about their habitats, behavior, and scientific classification.


Animal Bytes

Find quick information and fun facts with these 1-page easy resources about animals from A to Z.

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Wild Coral

Our One Ocean

Our oceans are all connected, so really, there’s only one ocean on Earth. We’ll explore our relationships with the ocean and discover diverse projects and inspiring people dedicated to preserving this essential resource.

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Career Resources

Find out what it takes to rescue thousands of animals in need of expert care, how to be an animal trainer, and other ways to work in the zoological field.

Career Resources

Just for Teachers

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have been developing resources for educators for over 20 years. Download curriculum guides and individual activities, watch the ShamuTV series, or learn more about careers in the zoological field.

Teacher Resources
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