Animal Information

  • Sloth

    Animal Bytes

    Each animal byte is a one-page fact sheet specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some of the interesting creatures found in the animal kingdom.

  • Marmosets

    Animal InfoBooks

    INFOBOOKS are your resource for wildlife information. Explore the in-depth details about animals, environments, conservation issues, and much more.

  • Tree Frog

    Animal Sounds

    Click the play button next to the animal images to hear their animal sound. Click on the links to learn more about that animal.

  • Killer Whales

    Ask Shamu

    Do you have a question about animals? Zoological careers? Conservation issues? Check out these previous answers from our SeaWorld/Busch Gardens animal experts!

  • Tropical Forests

    Ecosystem InfoBooks

    Explore the in-depth details about environments.

  • Cheetah

    Saving a Species Video Series

    Come face-to-face with the wonders of wildlife through species-focused episodes and related classroom activities.