Getting Started

Many people are interested in having a saltwater aquarium in their homes. Here are a few things we'd like to suggest when you consider setting up a tropical saltwater aquarium.

Obtain a copy of a good reference book on setting up an aquarium.

This will help you avoid frustration as you pursue your hobby. Most pet stores and libraries have good reference materials.

Learn about the animals you wish to have.

Carefully consider the largest size an animal will grow before you purchase it for your home aquarium. While Sea World is capable of taking care of large fish such as nurse sharks, they probably should not be purchased for most home aquariums.

Make sure that food for the species you wish to have is consistently available. Some fish feed only on corals. These fish are difficult to keep in home aquariums because there is no commercial food supply available for them.

Be careful to purchase animals that are compatible and that will be able to live together in the size aquarium you have.

Ask your supplier to check water from your aquarium before you purchase animals.

If your supplier is unable to test the water for you ask him for advice on the correct parameters of pH, ammonia, nitrates, etc.

Regularly test your aquarium water.

You can use test kits that are available at your local pet store. The quality of the water in your aquarium is critical to the health to the animals.

Ask your local fish supplier how specimens have been collected.

We encourage you to avoid any specimen that has been collected with the use of chemicals. Two of the common chemicals used are cyanide and chlorine bleach. These chemicals kill a large percentage of fish exposed to them. They also destroy other life on the reef, including corals.

Ask your supplier if the fish he carries are "hand caught".