Young children reach into a shallow tank to touch marine life

Learning Goals

Learning Goals

Based on a long-term commitment to education, Busch Gardens strives to increase every student's knowledge and awareness of wildlife and to engender an appreciation of nature and a commitment to its conservation. Specific learning goals for biodiversity are that…

  • Students will explore the complexity of biodiversity.
  • Students will examine the variety of life within the five kingdoms.
  • Students will realize that people are dependent on intact habitats that sustain the various organisms we need to produce food, medicines, clothing, and other materials.
  • Students will learn about certain species' roles in an ecosystem.
  • Students will discover that life can be found almost everywhere on earth.

"We call upon the earth, our planet home, with its beautiful depths and soaring heights, its vitality and abundance of life, and together we ask that it: Teach us and show us the way…" Chinook Blessing Litany, first verse.

The biosphere includes the living world and all its components. It is the ultimate frontier, filled with unsolved mysteries that arouse our curiosity and stir us to search for answers. The information contained in this resource is current and will be updated as new research and discoveries are realized.