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Have a Project Due?

In the hard copy publication of Nature At Risk, we highlighted eight threatened or endangered species of special interest: loggerhead sea turtle, Lear's macaw, Eastern indigo snake, western lowland gorilla, peregrine falcon, Bengal tiger, Asian orchid, and nailtail wallaby. Depending on your interests or the nature of your project, focus your study on one (or more) of these species and address the following issues: the reason(s) it's at risk, the attributes that makes this species unique, past vs. present range, or any cultural values and traditions that affect the species. Once you have gathered data, create a news flash, story, song, or artwork to portray the nature of the animal or plant's disappearance. The next step is to - why not? - send your work to a legislator or newspaper to express your concern and help increase awareness about animals and their habitats.