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SeaWorld Florida Externship Curriculum

SeaWorld Florida Extern Weekly Schedule

Week One:

Day 1 Animal Care - back area, Key West Husbandry and treatment of dolphins and manatees
Day 2 Animal Care - pinniped, Wild Arctic Husbandry and treatment of pinnipeds and beluga whales
Day 3 Aquarium - quarantine, turtles, shark, water quality Fish quarantine procedures; shark husbandry; turtle rehabilitation
Day 4 Aviculture - penguin, bird barn Husbandry and treatment of wide variety of birds; wild bird rehabilitation
Day 5 Animal Training - W/D, Shamu, SLO Training techniques for cetaceans and pinnipeds

For the following three weeks, the extern will spend virtually all of his or her time working alongside the veterinary staff. He or she will participate in the discussion of cases, actively assist in most veterinary procedures, and help to manage the diagnostic and treatment plans for injured wildlife brought to the park. When not engaged in any of the above mentioned activities, the individual will be urged to see shows not viewed during week one, go to various habitat areas and observe natural behaviors of the park's animals, or read up on pertinent topics to ongoing cases. The student will be encouraged to become involved in special projects should there be a particular field of interest or an undertaking deemed beneficial to the veterinary services department.

The student should expect to frequently be challenged to answer pertinent questions regarding general anatomy, physiology, basic disease processes, and/or their possible diagnostic and therapeutic regimens. This will, of course, be done with the level of education and experience of the individual in mind. The extern will also be strongly encouraged to study the natural history of those species so that he or she may obtain a more enriching experience from the time spent here at SeaWorld of Florida.