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Externship Requirements & Student Selection

We select veterinary student applications during their junior or third year for participation in the externship program during their senior or fourth year. Each year, three to seven students are chosen to participate at each of the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Parks. Only one student is chosen for each of the 3-4 week blocks. Occasionally, opportunities for longer periods of time are available at SeaWorld Orlando. Students will be selected based on their apparent suitability for the SeaWorld externship program. This program is very popular, so some well qualified students may not be selected due to the lack of available blocks.

This is a non-funded program. Students must arrange for their own transportation and living accommodations. Students participating in this externship program will be required to (1) sign a release waiving all claims arising from property loss or any injuries sustained by student while participating in the program, (2) provide proof of personal medical insurance; and (3) comply with SeaWorld's substance abuse program, which may include providing a hair, saliva, or urine sample for substance abuse testing.