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SeaWorld San Antonio Externship Curriculum

Week One:

Day 1           Park Day: Visit all exhibits and shows in the park, and write a short critique on each area, to be due the next morning.
Day 2 Behind the Scenes: Spend the day with an Animal Care Supervisor visiting all behind-the-scenes areas.
Day 3 Fish House and Pinniped Exhibit: Food preparation, cleaning, observations and feedings.
Days 4-5    Otters and Cetaceans: Animal observation; feeding; cleaning and disinfecting exhibits and holding areas; animal examination, medications and transport as needed.


Week Two:

Days 1-2 Aviculture: Food preparation; feeding and basic husbandry; cleaning and exhibit maintenance.
Day 3 Laboratory (1/2 day) and Education (1/2 day).
Days 4-5   Polar: Water samples; animal husbandry and observation; feeding; cleaning and exhibit maintenance; snow blowing; mechanical checks.


Week Three:

Day 1 Animal Training: Observation tour of Shamu (1/2 day) and Sea Lion Otter (1/2 day) stadiums with a senior training staff member.
Day 2 Animal Training: Observation tour of White Whale and Dolphin stadium 1/2 day with senior trainer; 1/2 day in area of student's choice.
Days 3-5   Aquarium: Animal husbandry and feeding; filtration and maintenance; life support systems; necropsy and animal transport as needed.


Week Four (optional):

Student's choice to return to any areas of interest and finish up project and evaluations.