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Zoological Internship

Learn more about the Camp SeaWorld Internship program at SeaWorld.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Camp SeaWorld Internship program, sponsored by the Education & Conservation Department at SeaWorld Orlando. This fast-paced experiential learning opportunity is designed for undergraduate students who have completed their sophomore year and are in good standing at a recognized academic institution. Applicants should be seeking a degree in education, science, recreation, or other related field. Applicants must have a valid CPR certification from a recognized provider.

This is a paid Internship, and students may additionally arrange to receive academic credit through their faculty advisor. Applicants must be available for the entire duration of the Internship. (See the FAQ for detailed information.)

SeaWorld Orlando has two camp programs that are accredited by the American Camp Association - Day Camp and Resident Camp. Day Camp programs are week-long and focus on learning about animals and their habitats. Resident Camp programs are 6-day, overnight programs designed to immerse middle and high school students in the study of marine science through activities that explore the challenges and rewards of working with animals.

Based on a long-term commitment to education the Education & Conservation Department at SeaWorld strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students of all ages reach their academic potential.

Specifically, our goals are:

    • To instill in students and guests of all ages an appreciation for science and a respect for all living creatures and
      natural environments.
    • To conserve our valuable natural resources by increasing awareness of the interrelationships of humans and
      the environment.
    • To increase students' and guests' basic competencies in science, math and other disciplines.
    • To be an educational resource to the world.

Within these pages, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this Internship. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

To apply for this seasonal Internship in the Education Department at SeaWorld Orlando, please follow this link to

Your completed application will be reviewed by the Education & Conservation Department and qualified applicants will be contacted for additional information and phone interviews. SeaWorld Orlando is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Thank you!

The SeaWorld Orlando Education Department

If you are age 12 or younger, please don't email us; have an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) send us an email with your question/request/comment instead.