Veterinarian reviews manatee X-rays. Veterinarian reviews manatee X-rays.


Every minute of every hour of every day, our staff provides the highest standard of care to the animals we not only steward, but hold dear. From killer whales to kookaburras, we strive to create the most nourishing environment possible - focusing on the physical, social, behavioral, and mental needs of each species. Each time we step up to a habitat, we are humbled by the tremendous opportunity and responsibility our relationships with the animals in our care provides. They are certainly a vital part of our lives and it seems we often become a enriching part of theirs. After all, you can't help but become close to those with whom you spend your days, your nights, your weekends, and your holidays. You can't help but become deeply attached to those with whom you share the creation of families, the birth of children, the discovery of new skills and insight, and the full cycle of life. We share all of that and more with the animals in our care. We don't work around animals. We work with and live for animals. They deserve no less.

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