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Species Preservation Laboratory

Routine Research

Gamete Rescue and Genome Banking

  • Collection and preservation of spermatozoa following the death of an animal ("gamete rescue"), whether in the wild or in captivity, represents an important conservation and management tool.
  • Genetic material (in the form of spermatozoa) can be stored indefinitely, and potentially used to produce offspring long after the male has died through AI or other assisted reproductive technologies.
  • For several zoological species, sperm from live males is also banked on a routine basis once training for voluntary semen collection has been achieved.
  • Our center also collects semen from anesthetized males using electroejaculation.


Reproductive Monitoring and Assessment

  • Routine urinary and serum hormone analysis to determine reproductive status and timing of natural or assisted breeding.
  • Hormone and ultrasound monitoring of pregnancy is used to assess fetal development, predict parturition date and facilitate peri-parturient management processes.
  • The combined approach of endoscopy, ultrasound and hormone analysis allows us to monitor reproductive health and create specific-specific reproductive baseline databases.