Soemmerring's Gazelle

Soemmerring's Gazelle



COMMON NAME: Soemmerring's gazelle
KINGDOM: Animalia
PHYLUM: Chordata
CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Bovidae
GENUS SPECIES: Gazella (wild goat) soemmerringi (scientific explorer)


DESCRIPTION: This is a tall gazelle with tan flanks, gradually turning to white on belly and long black horns.
SIZE: Approximately 0.6-0.9 m (2-3 ft.) at the shoulder
WEIGHT: 35-45 kg (77-99 lb.)
DIET: Includes acacia and bush leaves, grasses, and herbs
GESTATION: Gestation lasts approximately 6.5 months; one offspring
MALE 18-24 months
FEMALE 9-12 months
LIFE SPAN: Up to 14 years
RANGE: Northeast Africa
HABITAT: Inhabits open steppes with brush and acacia; steppes with few trees
STATUS: IUCN Vulnerable
CITES Not listed
USFWS Not listed


1. In many parts of North Africa and the Middle East, large stone corrals were constructed to drive herds of gazelle into, making for an easy ambush. This method of hunting started in prehistoric times and continued into the early part of the twentieth century.
2. Scientists suggest that male Soemmerring's are temporarily territorial.
3. Soemmerring's and Grant's gazelles' outward appearance are so similar that they are often mistaken for each other where their ranges overlap.
4. At some point in history, a Soemmerring's gazelle population became isolated on Kebir Island in the Dahlak archipelago where the gazelle actually developed a dwarf form of the larger mainland races.


Most species of gazelle have been hunted for food over the course of history. Soemmerrings are very understudied due to their small numbers. In their former ranges, they are extinct due to over-hunting, trophies, and food.


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