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Saving a Species: Tigers

It's hard to imagine, but the tiger could become extinct within our lifetime. However, there is hope. People, governments, and conservation organizations around the world are working to make sure this doesn't happen. Learn how we can all join forces to protect tigers!

Saving a Species: Elephants

Can you imagine elephants in your own back yard? Pretty cool, huh? Well that depends upon whose eyes you're looking through. In this episode of ShamuTV we'll take a look at all sides to learn about elephants, their habits, and their environments. We'll meet people who are passionate about protecting elephants--from local villagers, to researchers in Africa and the United States. You'll even find out how chili peppers are helping to save wild elephants!

Saving a Species: Penguins

Penguins, their unique physique and signature style make them impossible to ignore. They're a bird that has staked its claim on some of Earth's most unforgiving terrain using some of nature's coolest adaptations. But now their world is being turned upside down and without changes, their way of life might just slip away. It's time to dive deep into the remarkable world of penguins!

Saving a Species: Wolves

Wolves... they were one of the most successful species on the planet, with intelligence and adaptability that put them on top of the food chain. Some of their descendants even became man's best friends. But now humans and wolves need to share the same space and if we can't make that happen, our ecosystem might never be the same. It’s time to see wolves in a whole new light, on this edition of Saving a Species.

Saving a Species: Polar Bears

Polar bears live in one of this planet's harshest environments. With an exceptional mix of physical and behavioral adaptations their survival comes down to their ability to find and conserve energy, and our ability to reduce energy consumption. Their environment is melting away and time is running out. But there is hope, and more than ever, the solutions involve our everyday actions.

Saving a Species: Sea Turtle

Whether considering the thousands of miles of ocean a sea turtle crosses in its lifetime or the seemingly endless gauntlet of obstacles they face during the course of their journeys, a sea turtle's life is nothing short of extraordinary. Explore the lives of sea turtles as we uncover the unique traits that help them survive, discover dedicated individuals who work tirelessly on behalf of sea turtles, and connect directly with these amazing marine reptiles through actions we can all take to benefit the beleaguered sea turtle.

Saving a Species: Cheetah

It's a race against time to save the swift and graceful cheetah from extinction. Join us as we explore and celebrate the unique qualities of this imperiled predator. From its breathtaking speed to its beauty and vulnerability, the cheetah's story will bring you face to face with their fragile existence. We'll introduce you to people around the globe who are working on behalf of this magnificent cat and find out how you can help spread the word to keep cheetahs from disappearing forever.