Why Camp

Why Camp?

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens

Adventure Camps

It's always fun to watch a new group of campers come through our parks, full of excitement and curiosity about wildlife and the world we share.

For some, being this close to animals is enough to make our camps something they'll always remember. For others, this is where lifelong passions and careers in animal care begin to grow.

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove are home to more than 7,000 marine and terrestrial animals, plus approximately 60,000 fish. For more than four decades, our parks have been committed to wildlife conservation, education, and research, and have become worldwide leaders in both animal care and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Our hope is that kids who come to us as campers feel more connected and inspired to do their part to help care for our planet and the amazing animals who share it.