Teacher Pass

Visit SeaWorld to learn how to incorporate marine life science into your classroom.

If you are a teacher from a participating school district, you can receive a complimentary pass to SeaWorld to learn how to incorporate marine science education into your curriculum.

Visit and Plan

If there is one thing that teachers don't have its time. Between professional development, teaching several classes a day, staff meetings, grading, parent/teacher conferences, and all of those extra-curricular activities, it's difficult to just get a few minutes to think and plan how to make your classroom an even more enriching place to learn, let alone do something to inspire your creativity and love for teaching.

The education staff at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment invites you to visit your local SeaWorld park and let us help inspire you. For several years, SeaWorld has offered a complimentary teacher pass for some teachers located in Florida, Texas or Southern California where our parks are located. The pass provides you with complimentary admission to the park and access to our education team to help you incorporate our knowledge , passion and experience with marine animals into your classroom.

Each park has different eligibility requirements, so click on your local park to find out more. And when you visit our park, seek out our education staff located at many of the animal exhibits or ask to visit our education departments and we'll be happy to share how we can help incorporate marine science education into your classroom.