3-4 Day Camps at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 3-4 Day Camps at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Counselors & Accreditation

Learn more about the accreditation certifications and camp counselors.


We are proud that SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Our camps exceed ACA standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable camp experience.

Camp Counselors and Staff

The rigorous selection process at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens assures that our camp counselors are among the best in the industry. We hire adults and college students with experience in and enthusiasm for working with children and teens. Counselors undergo in-depth interviews to assess their skills in communication, organization, behavior management, and safety. They are also background checked and drug-tested. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Camp Counselors receive extensive and ongoing training and education.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens staff - including Educators, Security Guards and Health Services employees — work 24 hours a day to monitor camper safety and to respond to camper needs.

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