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SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have been developing resources for educators for over 20 years. You can download entire teacher curriculum guides and individual activities, show the ShamuTV: Saving a Species series in your classroom, or learn more about how to prepare for careers in the zoological field on this site.
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Our Approach

With every program we offer, our dedicated staff strive to bring you and your students into a closer relationship with wildlife and the habitats they (and we) depend upon. We accomplish this through our unique access to fascinating animals and behaviors, our well-versed and experienced Education & Conservation staff, and a core commitment to inspire individuals and communities to action on behalf of wild animals and wild places the world over.

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Teachers Are Our Heroes

You all have one - that exceptional student that loves nature. The one that begs to be selected as the student to clean the class' guinea pig or aquarium. The one that is always staring out the window, wishing to be outside. The one that idolizes famous scientists like Jacques Cousteau or Dian Fossey. The one that will someday become a future conservation hero, protecting the world we share.

And you, their teacher, are the key to their inspiration.

At SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, we're reminded of the importance and influence of teachers every day. Every animal we rescue, every person we educate, and every species we save can be linked to a teacher who shared their passion for animals. We were that student in the classroom.

We owe a lot to you -- the teacher. For more than 50 years, education has been a critical part of our mission, and to celebrate, we invite you to explore this website for free resources created just for you. You can learn more about the programs available at our parks for field trips or for professional development. You might even be eligible for a complimentary teacher study pass.

Each month, we will be adding new content, resources and other instructional tools for you to use in your classroom. Videos, images, downloadable activities and animal information will all be available to you.